Beyond what we produce, MSN has developed very important linkage with multinational seed company’s that has developed adaptable varieties for tropical climates.

We ensure that, the quality control, plant quarantine and regulatory procedures are entirely adhered to.

We collaborate with our multinational partners and local regulatory and research institutions to conduct evaluation trials to ensure that seeds are adaptable i.e. high yielding, diseases and draught tolerant and does not pose any environmental risk.

We offer our clients one of the best packages and after sales service.



Tomato Seeds



Birds Eye – Demon Red Petomech PS Watermelon (Red)

  1. Bell Pepper – Green Pepper
  2. Bell Pepper – Small Shape (Kpakposhito))
  3. Bell Pepper – Scotch Bonnet Red
  4. Bell Pepper – Burkina Yellow
  5. Cayenne Red – Legon 18
  6. Birds Eye – Demon Red
  1. Petomech PS
  2. Petomech PV
  3. Heinz 9144,
  4. Heinz 9661
  5. Heinz 9881
  6. Nemagent F1
  1. Galia
  2. Cantaloupe
  3. Watermelon (Red)
  4. Watermelon (White)
  1. Red Creole
  2. Shallot Long
  3. Spring Onion
  4. Onion Whyte
  5. Violet de Galmi

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Access to healthy seedlings is a pre-requisite to success crop production. Productivity can be negatively impacted where ill-formed; pests/diseases infested seedling and, or overgrown seedlings are used. Further, the cost of hybrid seeds are climbing higher and higher such that, wastage resulting from bad nursery management practices results to increase production cost and make farmers, especially smallholder farmer less competitive.

Meridian Seeds and Nurseries makes production very easy for you. With our mobile nursery structures, we are capable of providing Farmer(s), Co-operatives; Farm Estates; NGO’s; Development Projects and Programs quality seedlings of fruits, vegetables, plantation  and forestry crops.

why buy meridian transplants

  1. Our transplants are produced from high quality seed / material source.
  2. We produce to meet your quality, size and hardiness requirements.
  3. We provide you with seedling consistency.
  4. We meet our individual customer’s satisfaction.
  5. We maintain good customer communication.

Our mobile nursery structures are capable of reaching you wherever you are


our vegetable transplants

Whilst the cost of seeds is quite high, it is important to reduce wastage and ensure that every single seed nursed grows into a healthy transplant. MSN is committed to working closely with farmers in the major tomato, chili and garden eggs production belt not only to meet their seed requirements, but also their transplants requirements.We provide you with quality transplants of vegetables such aschili, tomato and garden eggs.

Other vegetable transplant can be produced upon request.


plantation crops

Nurseries offered under this category covers mango, citrus, oil palm and upon request cocoa. At Meridian Seeds and Nurseries, you are assured of getting true to type plants. We produce the exact variety upon client’ request.MSN adopts several propagation methods all with the intention of providing you with vigorous growing plants that are diseases and pests free.

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