Key Components of Our Agribiz Services

Key components of our Agribiz services are :

Choosing-Project-Planning-software-2Project /Agribiz Planning & Development

MAS seeks to bring our expertise, data and network to the development and implementation of high impact projects in the Agricultural and Agribusiness industries in Africa.

As part of our company’s commitment in supporting investment in the Agribusiness industry in Ghana, we provide specialized services in helping our clients identify project opportunities & develop project concepts/proposals and even support with project implementation… Read More »


researchAgricultural Research

MAS has in the past 5 years been contracted to undertake varied industry research by both local and international businesses and organizations. On the other front, we have done this through partnerships or by making technical input to ongoing research works.

Value Chain Studies, Commodity benchmark studies, Feasibility Studies, Systems Studies; smallholder, seed, production, marketing, processing, post-harvest, transportation systems etc., Agricultural Socio-economic Studies… Read More »


Five-Stages-of-Lead-ManagementAgribusiness Planning & Management Services

Investment Promotion! Good Business Governance! Skilled & Efficient Staff! Efficient Operations! Elaborate Markets! and Improved Profitability!

MAS seeks to bring our local expertise , our understanding of the socio-economic environment, extensive industry network and data collected over the years on various commodity chains in Ghana, to support businesses make informed investment decisions… Read More »


banzaan-market-phuketLocal, Regional, Export Market Linkage

Our company believe in strengthening farmer/processer-buyer linkages by working with the local, regional and export markets and thereby providing clients a wide range of market options. Our core strategy is to infuse information and technologies that makes markets efficient & transparent and at the same time connecting farmers in a well organized manner.

We also collaborate with various bodies overseas to identify and connect small agricultural projects in Ghana to export markets. By so doing, MAS creates jobs and improve on the livelihood of many rural dwellers at a very reasonable commission… Read More »


iStock_000008605409XSmall-WalletAgribusiness Finance Facilitation

Financing agriculture in Ghana continuous to be a tricky venture. Whilst major industry actors continue to complain of the difficulty of raising finance from commercial banks to pursue agribusiness, the gradual upsurge of other financing outlets i.e. through development projects, private equity and or venture capital funds have still not been able to resolve the challenge of agribusiness financing.

Some of the challenges identified to have contributed to this problem are:

General lack of awareness on the part of agribusiness actors about the existences of such funding outlets.
Lack of understanding of application processes which sometimes tend to be cumbersome.
Lack of capacity to develop business plans and proposals.
Lack of capacity on the part of agribusiness to adequately deal with the challenges that make them highly risky businesses… Read More »

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