Financing agriculture in Ghana continuous to be a tricky venture. Whilst major industry actors continue to complain of the difficulty of raising finance from commercial banks to pursue agribusiness, the gradual upsurge of other financing outlets i.e. through development projects, private equity and or venture capital funds have still not been able to resolve the challenge of agribusiness financing.

Some of the challenges identified to have contributed to this problem are:

  1. General lack of awareness on the part of agribusiness actors about the existences of such funding outlets.
  2. Lack of understanding of application processes which sometimes tend to be cumbersome.
  3. Lack of capacity to develop business plans and proposals.
  4. Lack of capacity on the part of agribusiness to adequately deal with the challenges that make them highly risky businesses.


MAS shall seek to establish working relationship with some carefully selected financial outlets to identify, evaluate and provide both financial and technical services to small, medium and large scale agribusiness in Ghana and West Africa.

We link our clients to development funding, private equity funds and other available outlets. Some of the financial outlets identified by MAS for this intervention include:

  1. Grass Roots Business Fund.
  2. Acumen Funds.
  3. Opportunity International.
  4. Triodos Bank.
  5. Venture Capital Trust Funds.
  6. BDS Fund.
  7. DFID Fritch Fund.
  8. DUTCH Government PSI Fund.
  9. Altimes Financial Services.
  10. Rabo Bank.
  11. LGT Venture Philanthropy.
  12. Italian Government Fund.
  13. Agribusiness Fund.
  14. Value Chain and Outgrower Fund.
  15. Etc.

To MAS, it is not only seeking the needed investment, it is about helping you grow by eliminating or reducing all the technical challenges that drains a businesses investments. We work in a more coordinated way by matching Technical Services (TA) with Capital Injection to ensure that resources are effectively and efficiently utilized.


Our Engagement Process with Financing Institutions and Clients is summarized as follows

Introductory Meeting Exchange of contact details
Technical Meeting Due diligence (Business Governance, Marketing, Operations)
MoU Specifies agreement to enter to a worker relationship for the benefit of the two entities.Business Re-engineering Strategic Plan (high performance, efficiency, quality improvement etc.) = Business Plan Development or Project Proposal Development @ client cost.
Introduction toFinancial Institutions
  • Evaluation of business entity.
  • If approved? Loan agreement developed
  • Rejected? Try another financing option.
TOR-Technical Assistance Approved: Establish TOR with financial institution to provide business development services to client.
Implementation of TA Management Level Intervention:

  • Governance Capacity Building.
  • Business Governance Structures Development.
  • Management tools.
  • Business Expansion Strategy & Leveraging.
Financial Performance Interventions:

  • Due diligence.
  • Business Plan or Proposals.
  • Linkage to Funding.
  • Company Accounts Development and Management.
Interventions; Operations (Farm Level)

  • Capacity building (Productivity Enhance i.e. GAP’s / IPM etc).
  • Group formation and Group Dynamics.
  • Quality input supply (Seeds/planting material, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, packaging materials etc.).
  • Farm procurement logistics and systems.
  • Certification for Processing Facility (ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE, UTZ, RAINFOREST, RSPO etc.)
Interventions; Operations (Processing & Post Harvest Treatments)

  • Processing technology and infrastructure development.
  • Processing documentation systems.
  • Staff Performance Training.
  • Packaging Technology.
  • Hygiene and Safety Training.
  • Certification for Processing Facility (Standard Board, ISO, HACCP, ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE etc.)


Interventions; Operations (Marketing)

  • Market Development or Facilitation.
  • Establishing Off-taker Agreements.
  • Export Marketing Systems Development.
  • Export Services
Performance Evaluation Monitoring of impact of interventions over a period of time and implementation of correction actions.


For further inquiries, please send a mail to or or call +233 244 561416.

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