Project Planning & Project Implementation

MAS seeks to bring our expertise, data and network to the development and implementation of high impact projects in the Agricultural and Agribusiness industries in Africa.

As part of our company’s commitment in supporting investment in the Agribusiness industry in Ghana, we provide specialized services in helping our clients identify project opportunities & develop project concepts/proposals and even support with project implementation.

Project Planning Project  Implementation
Feasibility studies. Project Implementation & Management Service
Project Concept Development. Sub-contract Project Implementation
Project Proposal Development. Alternative Livelihood Projects (Mining & Petroleum)
Project pre-tender recruitment. Land Reclamation Projects – Mining Industry
Pre-tender research. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Services.
Tender Preparation. Project Impact Assessment etc.


Our research team has generated various commodity chains data that allows us to access the potentials and constraints for these commodity chains. With this background, our team of experts are capable of translating these pieces of research information into:

  1. technical project concepts.
  2. Project proposals.
  3. Project management frameworks with the support of our M&E team.

IMPLEMENTATION: Our team of Associate Consultants with diverse technical background enables us to implement projects on our own or support other organizations in several ways implement projects.


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