Investment Promotion! Good Business Governance! Skilled & Efficient Staff! Efficient Operations!  Elaborate Markets! and Improved Profitability!

MAS seeks to bring our local expertise , our understanding of the socio-economic environment, extensive industry network and data collected over the years on various commodity chains in Ghana, to support businesses make informed investment decisions.

Agribusiness Planning Agribusiness Management Services
Feasibility studies. Agribusiness Management Services
Development of business concepts. Business Process Audit
Development of business plan Board Manuals; Accounts/HR Policies & Procedures
Business Registration and Licensing. Financial Performance & Risk Assessment
Processing/Supply Chain Technology and Infrastructure Development. Production ProtocolsStandard Operating Policies (SOP’s)
Raw material supply network development. Staff performance evaluation
Environmental Impact Assessment. Product Development, Branding

Agribusiness Planning Services

  • This range of services are developed to:
  1. Encourage investment in Africa’s Agribusiness Industry;
  2. Bring knowledge of local context to refine the implementation of modern business concepts and modules to make them sustainable;
  3. Our engagement with businesses and projects cover a whole array of areas.

 Agribusiness Management Contract Services

  • This portfolio allows MAS to take full management responsibility of agribusiness for distant owners. Our management contracts cover a couple of few years after which MAS develop local management structure to take up the running of the company.

Agribusiness Efficiency Services

  • We provide this services to businesses with the objective of supporting them to develop the systems and structures to operate efficiently and profitably.

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