Our company believe in strengthening farmer/processer-buyer linkages by working with the local, regional and export markets and thereby providing clients a wide range of market options. Our core strategy is to infuse information and technologies that makes markets efficient & transparent and at the same time connecting farmers in a well organized manner.

We also collaborate with various bodies overseas to identify and connect small agricultural projects in Ghana to export markets. By so doing, MAS creates jobs and improve on the livelihood of many rural dwellers at a very reasonable commission.

Our export market development approach is summerized as follows:









CRUDE SHEA BUTTER Bole-Bamboi, Northern Region of Ghana Coldweld Engineering Services (CES) started as an agricultural implement manufacturing company in 2008. In 2011, the company made a giant leap into the shea butter industry and organized a small women’s group in Bole-Bamboi in the Northern Region. The group produced a total of 100MT of butter last year which was exported by CES. Faced with enormous processing potential in the operational area, CES is importing a processing facility to enable the company to produce a total of 3000MT / annum of crude shea butter beginning November 2012. The company is seeking for a long term buyer from US, Canada, Europe and Asia. For further information send a mail to meridianseeds@yahoo.com or call +233 244 561416.

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