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Incorporated in June 2008, Meridian Seeds and Nurseries Ghana Ltd has the objective of contributing to the drive to modernization Ghana’s Agricultural Sector by providing quality planting materials and essential agribusiness services requisite for speedy growth of various commodity value chains in Ghana and West Africa.

With an outstanding experience in producing/sourcing and marketing of quality and affordable seeds to both local and regional markets; Meridian Seeds has one of the most elaborate seed distribution networks in Ghana and West Africa.

In April 2009, a subsidiary Meridian Agricultural Services (MAS) was registered with the mandate to provide specialized service to farmers/farmers associations, markets, processors, small projects, institutions etc in the agriculture and allied industry and in various commodity chains. Our service products cover the following core areas:

  1. Agribusiness Investment and Development Services
  2. Agribusiness Recruitment
  3. Training and Capacity Building
  4. Food quality certification services (organic, UTZ, Fair trade, GlobalGAP, Rainforest etc.).

         Our services cover several commodity value chains including:



Our mission is to support Africa achieve food and income security through a the creation of a viable and productive agricultural/agribusiness sector by offering a stop-shop of high impact agribusiness solutions (products & services) to both the public and private sectors.



“Breaking Agricultural Barriers with Quality Service” Our logo, “wawa aba” (the seed of wawa tree – a hard wood which is use for curving) is a famous Adinkra Symbol of the Akan tribe of Ghana which literally translates “breaking barriers”, forms the bedrock of our company’s philosophy.

MAS logo


Internship Program: We provide opportunities for interns from both local and international polytechnic, collage and university to acquaint themselves with hands-on practical experience in the agribusiness industry in Ghana. Our objective is to provide agricultural graduates hands-on experience in agri-preneurship and also expose them to the numerous business opportunities in the industry.

Promotion of Product & Service Quality: Meridian Agricultural Service has in 2015 registered ‘MAS Foundation’, a development organization with the objective of promoting Service and Product quality amongst within private sector business.

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