...Committed to making quality seeds available to farmers regardless of their location.

With over ten (10) years’ experience in seed production and distribution Meridian Seeds-Ghana is committed to making quality seeds available to farmers regardless of their location.

Our products are carefully selected to deliver growing solutions to farmers. Our seeds are:

  • Adaptable to the tropical production environment,
  • High yielding,
  • Marketable quality (domestic and export)
  • Climate resilient (drought, pest & diseases tolerant).

    We have one of the elaborate and innovative seed distribution networks in Ghana that is growing in size and reach.

    Our team of experience sales Agronomists are also ready to provide you with that needed technical guidance and a new production experience. With Meridian Seeds, you don’t plant a seed, you grow solutions…………

Our Vision
Become the industry leader and farmers' preferred source of quality seeds in Ghana and beyond by 2030.
Our Mission
We are in the business of supplying qaulity seeds that offer “innovative growing solutions” to farmers regardless of their location.

Our Philosophy & Partners

Our Philosophy

  • Quality: Without quality we cannot succeed; Providing farmers quality seed is our commitment.
  • Integrity: Is the fourth leg of the table; With which we waver and fall.
  • Serviceable: Farmers have needs; We are patience to serve them anytime they know our doors.
  • Knowledge: Seed is science; We shall research and  pursue knowledge for growth.
  • Professionalism: Be compentent and discipline at what you do.
  • Resilience: Our industry is tough and only the tough can succeed.
  • Shared Value: Everyone in our supply chain matters. We create & share value together.

Our partners:

  • East West Seeds
  • Bintang Asia
  • Suba Seeds
  • Kalash Seeds
  • MAS Seeds
  • GSN Seeds
  • Takii Seeds.
  • Nova AgroSciences.