Sultan F1 – 50g


Seed Package 50g and 10g
Approximate Seed Count 18,000
Seed Rate/Acre 100g/Acre
Days to Germination 5-6 days
Recommended Planting Distance 90cm x30cm or 90cmX 50 cm


Seed Type Hybrid (Semi-Determinate) -Both Seasons
Attributes –   Days to Maturity: 60-65 days
–   Yield (tons/Acre): 32-40.
o   Plant vigor: moderate

o   Shape: Blocky

o   Firmness: Vary firm

o   Weight: 120- 130 g

o   Very high yielding hybrid suitable for all season production and distance transport.

–   Diseases/Pests Tolerance: Tomato mosaic, virus and Bacteria wilt


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