Approximate Seed Count 7,200
Seed Rate/Acre
Days to Germination 7-10days
Recommended Planting Distance 50cmX 20cm


Variety Zamzam
Seed Type Open Pollinated
Attributes –   Structure: Has erect plant stature with no vines and small leaves
–   Days to Maturity: 65 days
–   Yield (tons/Acre): 1.0-1.5
–   Fruits/Pod Attributes:

o  Majority of the pods are slightly above the canopy. Seed shape is fairly round.

o  Seed coat colour is white with black helium.

o  High fodder/grain yield,

o  It is well adapted in all agro-ecological zones in Ghana.

o  It has high oil content and is

o   Tolerant to thrips and maruca.


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